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Sunrise Marina Resort hotel, at Port Ghalib, has, successfully, achieved the Cristal certificate for the food check, for the completion of implementation of the HACCP food safety risk management system, after 6 months of the official opening date.

“we’ve started the implementation process for the HACCP standards before the opening” Mr. Mohamed Khalifa, General Manager of Sunrise Marina resort, said. “ we’ve passed through six consecutive Cristal monthly’s audits to fulfill the safe zone score (which is 65%) to deserve to get the Cristal certificate” he confirmed. “we were in the HACCP’s green zone, from the kick off and our last audit’s score was 80% “ he declared. “ we expect that we can achieve the 85 % on this monthly audit”.

Mr. Khalifa clarified that the HACCP standards manual has a lot of points to be fulfilled concerning the food safety check and the F&B operation such as the kitchen’s working temperature must be suitable, the defrost process for the frozen items must be proper, the serving food place must be secured from the flies and insects by using air curtains on the entrance doors, the food preparing sequence flow is important that the cooked and raw food shouldn’t be mixed together, there has to be an alarm to warn about any disrupt happened in the food storage area, the food transportation must  be secured even the water used in all the hotel’s outlets must be filtered properly, the sanitation for the cooking sheets and recurrent health check for all the food handling employees to be sure that they don’t have any diseases or health problems.

“Not only the food check safety but also we’ve gone through different safety checks for the pools water as the chlorine level in the pools’ water and PH level of the water” Mr. Khalifa added. He said that all running water cycles of the operation must be sterile and even the filters of the A/C systems must have the sterile tablets to filter the air in the room or the various hotel’s lobbies.

“we are keen on our guests’ health as this can be affecting our business flow and from a human beings perspective so our priority goes for the HACCP system is effective, regardless the score” Mr. Khalifa added.