Marina Residence

Are you ready to harbor your yacht in front of your dream-house? Escape the burdens of routine and come enjoy the crème de la crème life from the minute your feet stoops our very own private airport. Beyoncé got nothing on you! Enjoy your morning coffee watching over your yacht.

The Marina Residences was designed to allow a firsthand experience at what Marina living is all about. Each apartment offers a spacious layout making sure to keep even the smallest detail in mind. The balconies directly overlook the Marina and corniche for a gentle reminder that even if you are indoors, you are still vastly in touch with waterfront living. The Arabian touch was also maintained in the residences through subtle arches and Arabian interior design elements and furniture. The mixture of hand crafted wood and luxury finishing create a harmonious balance that speaks directly of Port Ghalib’s commitment to preserve beauty through works of art.

Fully furnished studios and apartments are available for purchase. Residents can choose between views of the breathtaking canal, appealing pool views, or the majestic Red Sea horizons through the marina. Units include quaint studio apartments and apartments with two to three bedrooms.


Access to amenities including nearby spas, eateries, shopping plazas and boutiques, pools, gardens and a world of resort activities, making the Marina Residence community a destination to be prized among investors and luxury enthusiasts alike.


Wake up to a spectacular view of Port Ghalib’s International Marina. Reserve one of the finest units available suitable for family or corporate use. Clear your mind with the morning sea breeze and enjoy a sensual dinner at one of the nearby marina restaurants.


We've created the artificial canals to bring the waterfronts to your door front. Apartments overlooking the canal induce a mixed sense of the Arabian culture and the magic of Venice. Stroll along the sidewalks of the canal at night for a splendid unwinding experience.

Pool View

Enjoy a chance to take a dip into the pool any time of your day. The pool view apartments extend your sense of holiday to all through the year. Whether you’re enjoying a romantic time with your companion or in need of a never ending entertaining space for your children, these apartments are just right for you.