Tower Village

Port Ghalib’s Tower Village is the perfect choice for luxury seekers with a limited budget. Greenery surrounds and intervenes the village to turn it into one big relaxing plot. The spaces in between houses serve as gathering areas for the neighbours to socialize and catch up on weekends. The walkways around buildings interconnect the village where you can stroll or ride your bike around.

The theme is all inspired by the Arabian desert. Deep earth tones and vibrant white walls reflect the cultural nature of Port Ghalib. By being adjacent to Wadi Ghalib Village you’ll be enjoying the mix between green areas and uninterrupted water views.

The Tower Village features apartments of all sizes. Your choices are from a studio all the way to one bedroom, two bedroom or three bedroom apartments.


The small size studious have been constructed to suit those living on their own or going on a very limited budget. Enjoy all the luxury of Port Ghalib while living in an affordable studio space.

Convenience Apartments

One and two bedroom apartments overlook the mind blowing green area view. The plans have been made to suit all needs, so live it up on your own way.

Family Apartments

Move into the Tower Village with your family or larger group of roommates. Do that for residence or use the opportunity and catch yourself a brand new office in the heart of the magical Port Ghalib City.