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In the first precedent of its kind, Egyptair offers a new service for the determined ones (people with special needs) ,as the chairman of EgyptAir company, Pilot Sherif Ezzat, declared that the company pays great attention to all its customers and is seeking to provide the best possible services to satisfy them therefore it launched a new service for the determined ones the blind, deaf and the customers facing some hearing weakness , travelling on EgyptAir planes,  by providing means of entertainment to them in Arabic and English.

It offer a regular language booklet containing information and braille topics -that will be regularly updated- for the blind passenger, the same entertainment materials and subjects that will be offered to the ordinary passengers, as well as entertaining films presented in an “Audio description way”. Those movies will include captions for the deaf and hearing impaired using the “Closed Caption” method


Hence , Egypt Air allowed a modification on its aviation safety instructions movie  that is presented before their planes take-off, by putting a readable tape for the deaf and the hearing impaired to assist them to be aware of all the safety measurements on the plane . this privilege will start by next July. Once the cabin crew will recognize the presence of any of the determined ones  as a passenger on the plane, they will immediately begin to assist him in obtaining these new services.