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We all love the Christmas season, full of parties, the winter weather scent and the time we spent with our families and friends. However, let us face the real disaster and the bad finale of this scenario. We ate and drank a hell with no exercise.

After all the indulgence in the festive time, abandoning your daily healthcare routines, misdirecting your body by over-consumption, there is always a good news. Fortunately, you can reboot yourself and restore your body’s healthy status.

TG spa, a newly opened spa, Turkish Hamam, beauty salon and Gym in Port Ghalib’s international marina, offering its rejuvenating services to our visitors and residents to help you to sustain the approach to your health goals and mind-set.

First step is to stop beating up yourself and to get back to your fitness routine. The place helps you to elevate your heartbeats rate and to sweat a lot through a quick workout at the fully equipped Gym. Exercising will help you to reduce the daily stress, boost your happiness endorphins and get back to your pre-Christmas body shape. 

The spa offers a wide range of body treatments and massage therapies dedicated to regain your body’s physical and psychological health, as Aromatherapy massage, drainage massage, herbal massage, four-hand massage, deep tissue, Thai, anti-cellulite massage and foot reflexology.

The Turkish Hammam section helps in purifying your body as a part of your detox program. The sauna, steam and a heat bath eliminate the toxins earned by the skin and discharge the lactic and uric acid from your body. The spa, also, have a different bath programs as the famous Pharaoh bath, the Turkish bath, the chocolate bath, and the queen’s Cleopatra special bath.

At the end, it is time to pamper yourself. The beauty salon is your best place to finish your day with, to get the best care for your hair, skin and body. The spa gives you the chance to get the ultimate facial, hair, manicure and pedicure treatments with high quality products.

Do not forget to get into your regular sleeping patterns and to clean out your body system by following a good nutrition plan and drink from 2 to 3 liters of water to hydrate and promote your body’s metabolism rate. Next season we will be sure to give you some pre-Christmas tips to avoid what happened this holiday.