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If you’ve been to Port Ghalib and you didn’t visit Om Jalawa, you’ve missed a lot. Om Galawa is located beside Marsa Ras Torombi. With a total of 1,500-meter coast, lays a unique natural bay of 7 found in the Red Sea. Om Jalawa gives us both the wilder and cozy sides of nature. It contains one of the most beautiful beaches in Marsa Alam.

The meaning of “Jalawa” word is the pool on the reef. Thanks to a natural wall of reef with a drop of nature that prevents the sea currents to make you enjoy swimming and snorkeling in a very calm surface, as if you are in a pool. The site’s lagoon became a recent favorite place for visitors, with its sandy beach and its crystal clear water. You can enjoy snorkeling at this part of heaven.

Also, Om Jalawa overlooks a fascinating diving spot. It is a perfect place for every level of diving training, due to its small depth. The depth of the sea water in this spot is gradual and the current level is medium (1-2 knots) and the visibility is good. The spot serves different dive types: reef, deep, wall, lagoon and drift dive.

While diving you may meet a school of barracudas in the summer time. As you go deeper you will spot eagle rays, moray, roman eel, scorpionfish and some lionfish. You also can find a napoleonfish, humphead wrasse, tuna, amberjack, clownfish, sweetlips, anthias or marine goldfish. Sea turtles are often seen mixing it with the abundant unicornfish and large titan triggerfish patrol their territory.

Depending on which way you dive this site, you will either start or end your dive in one of the most diverse hard coral gardens in the area. Drift along from north to south picking your depth as you go. The main characteristic of this spot is the multicolored corals and deep seagrass.

You can enjoy a lot of activities at Om Jalawa: marine biology, night dive, first dive, diving trainings and for those who loves photography, they will be blessed with a lot of underwater unique shots.

On the eastern side of Om Jalawa’s bay, there is an old fishing boat cut off thousands of years ago, to inhabit this place and be a unique jewel that grace this unique bay.