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Egypt’s Red Sea has crowned in 2018 with many nominations, which helped in increasing the demand on this destination worldwide. Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel and hotels website and the 1st commonly used travelers’ website, chose some of the Red Sea areas to be on the top list of its travelers’ choice in 2018.

Out of 25 cities, Hurghada city was ranked as the 21st on the top 25 world destinations in 2018. “Stunning coral reefs and turquoise waters perfect for windsurfing have made Hurghada, on Egypt's Red Sea Coast, a busy resort town.” According to Tripadvisor.

Sharm El Luli beach (Hankorap) in Marsa Alam has been chosen to be the 22nd best beach in the world out of the 25 listed and ranked the 1st on the Middle East travelers’ choice list. In addition, it has awarded the certificate of excellence for having the best travelers’ overview: - 76%. “Paradise, Pristine, beautiful beach and a tropical aquarium under water.” The website said.

Egypt’s Red Sea also has chosen to be in the 3rd place as the best worldwide scuba diving destination, according to the readers’ votes in the 2018 “Dive” travel awards by the famous “Dive” Magazine. The list has topped by Indonesia and Philippines in the first and second rank and Maldives in the fourth one. “The Egyptian Red Sea has more than 400 recorded species of coral, several hundred species of fish (20% of which are endemic), stunning reefs, dramatic walls and a very established dive industry.” Dive highlighted.

Dive Magazine highlighted the top scuba diving and liveaboard spots in the Red Sea as Ras Mohamed in Sharm el Sheikh, the Brothers Island and St John's Reefs in Marsa Alam. It also mentioned the White tip shark as the close encounter at the Red Sea. The Thistlegorm at Ras Mohamed has been chosen as the best shipwreck diving spot.

All these ranks reveal the significant progress in the revenues and the boost in the number of tourists that was noted in 2018. For this the United Nations classified Egypt as the 2nd fastest growing tourist destinations in the world. Travel weekly magazine has mentioned that Egypt predicted to be a hot travel destination for 2019 by one of the great influential figures in the tourism industry, John Veitch, CEO of the Travel Corporation Australia.