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Virgin Nature village has been inaugurated in 30th of December 2017, is a new experiment for treatment through the oldest method, the ancient pharaonic and Chinese method in the world refitted with modest new technological advances, in which each centimeter is designed on a scientific basis, in order to attract positive energy and expel the harmful negative energy of bio-building. They have the most primitive living style . They have the newest ECO pattern construction and life style in Marsa Alam and the first one of a kind in the Middle East. "We diagnose diseases with the highest technology in the world and treat patients with the oldest idea of ​​existence," a slogan that the founders of the VNV used to express their idea. Despite medical progress, ancient Egyptian and Chinese pharaonic medicine has been imposing itself on the scene so far.

The structure of the village was designed, for the first time in the world, as per the theory of the “Chinese Five Elements”, the most important theory and the base of the Chinese medicine, which is the most environmental and oldest designed and higher attraction of electromagnetic energy that is very useful for all the body cells . The project is located on 25 thousand meters of administrative buildings and 7 Salt caves and 15 pyramid for treatment inside and the pyramid of Zoser and the village uses the cultivation of medicinal herbs to be used as healthy drinks to its visitors.

It also enjoys the healthiest and milder climates. The village is founded with no concrete, metallic objects , flat walls or ceilings, chemical materials and high radioactive currents or radiations as TV or mobiles. they have the highest percentage of oxygen in the region, where there are no contaminants, no crowded roads, no chemicals, no thermal emissions, or industrial zones. The benefits of the walls to be oblique and circular that all the longitudinal and straight waves are broken before they reach the human body. The body benefits from beneficial waves only that is the most modern treatment in the world for most health problems.

They mainly depend on the best and most authentic cooking methods, where they cook the food very slowly and drink from electromagnetic water under the runway pyramid. Their food ingredients are 100% organic and they do not use any synthetic additives.

They use their natural treatments to cure many diseases such as : lack of energy, problems of metabolism, nervous system problems, Parkinson’s disease, ligament tears and sleeping disorders.

They use different therapy methods such as : the Oberon NLS non linear system, Chroma therapy, Aromatherapy, Horticulture therapy, Moroccan Clay and mud bath therapy, Salt cave therapy, Pyramids therapy, Hydro therapy , Hijama and cupping therapy. 

Activities and sleep in the village will be according to the cycle of energy, as in Chinese medicine Rock salt. The biggest features of the village that it is covered with rock salt circulating around the village in a clockwise direction to activate the energy of compressed visitors with salt during running and help in the foot reflexology. Drinking water only from the sitting position.