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Magdy Hanin, head of the tourism committee at the Egyptian British Chamber, said that all expectations indicate that the Egyptian tourism began to recover, after the crises experienced during the past seven lean years, since the January 2011 revolution.

Haneen added in a special press statement to «Al Shrouk Finance and Business» that confirms the rotation of the wheel of tourism forward by increasing the demand on Egypt, in the first half of 2018, by more than 80% compared to last year, where Egypt became one of the top five destinations in the world.

Magdy Haneen said that Egyptian tourism has achieved a remarkable improvement, during the first half of this year, due to the return of influx of tourists from Italy, England, Ukraine and Poland, in addition to regular flights from Russia to Cairo. Explaining that this increase in numbers only. However, revenues are still very weak and this will not be achieved unless the tourism sector formal and private so as to monitor the real risks that threaten the Egyptian tourism and prepare strong measures to face this and reduce the losses suffered by the sector.

The Chairman of the Tourism Committee of the Egyptian British Chamber pointed out that the current recovery is a real recovery in the coastal areas, especially the areas of Hurghada and the northern coast and Sharm El Sheikh reasonable proportion due to increased demand from tourism families who prefer these areas in the summer season. He explained that this recovery will continue during the coming winter season, especially as we are still the best destination, which is characterized by warm weather for European countries, which prefer to tourists during the winter season visit Luxor, Aswan and Sharm el-Sheikh.

With regard to Russian tourism, the head of the Tourism Committee of the Egyptian-British Chamber pointed out that the resumption of Russian tourism flows to the Red Sea will be during the month of October 2018. Pointing out that so far there are no clear marketing programs in preparation for the resumption of this movement and ending the travel ban imposed on Sharm el-Sheikh.