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We bring you a new stunning diving spot, Torfet Ali or Torfet Ghalib, Boat Dive from Port Ghalib, Discovered by Vanessa Ronecker in spring 2008, and named after the boat captain Ali Bakar. It is only 10 minutes north of Port Ghalib. The spot consists of 5 sites which all have deep, blue water and sections of steep drop-offs. While advanced divers will enjoy drifting along at depth, those who want to stay shallow will find sand shelves and reef tongues to explore. The Sites include: Torfet Abu Shash, Pipeline, Villa (Kharafi), Halg Nigma, Shaab Ghalib

Torfet Abu Shash is really only accessible using  high powered RIB, as there are no moorings here. you will find a sand patch protected by a small headland dotted with coral blocks, home to colorful reef fish of all shapes and sizes. As you reach the northern point you will find a large pinnacle that is teeming with fish and shrimp before exploring the cracks in the shallow reef wall , if you can see them through the large schools of Unicorn fish.

Pipeline is drifted along from north to south picking your depth as you go. On the deep reef wall look out for scores of Anthias, and the eagle eyed may spot a Nembrotha nudibranch or two. Large Tuna fish may swim past you, forcing the large schools of Fusiliers to stream past you. Shallow up to some beautifully soft sand banks surrounded by coral banks.

Villa (Al Kharafi) will be infront of you, depending on which way you dive this site, you will either start or end your dive in one of the most diverse hard coral gardens in the area. Small fish face into the current as you pass them along the way, and Dart Gobies hover over the drop off. Always keep an eye out for “Barney” - our resident Hawksbill Turtle- who loves divers. Barney will often lead the dive for a few minutes and maybe even pose for a camera or two.

Halg Nigma , named by the fishermen, after a fable to do with a star falling from the sky. this cut into the reef is a favorite dive guide. A shallow sand plateau inside the lagoon drops off at 450 meters to unknown depths, but the reef wall is the place to dive. A large pinnacle next to the boat is an area you could spend your whole dive on , swarms of Glassfish and Sweepers trying to keep out of the way of the ever present Trevallies and Groupers, Fang Blennies hiding in worm holes, Pipefish feeding on coral polyps Move off down the reef though and you'll find a red anemone at depth of 20 meters and also one of the largest individual coral colonies we have - a wall of stag-horn coral tumbling from the surface to 15 meters depth. 

Shaab Ghalib is a large tongues of coral form slopes and small canyons on this dive. large schools of fusiliers to accompany you as you explore the coral beds and the sand strips. Critters such as Whip Coral Gobies can be spotted here, but the shallows are packed with Butterflyfish, Angelfish and Goatfish.

You can practice different dive types is this stop: Lagoon, Drift dive, Wall, Deep, Sharks, Big fishes, Reef. You can enjoy many diving activities like Marine biology, Children dive, First dive, Dive training, Snorkeling / Free diving, Orientation and Photography

Don’t forget to dive at Torfet Ali during your stay in Port Ghalib .