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Port Ghalib Language School was founded in 2013 , managed by Marsa Alam association for education, training and development, to be the first private language school, serving the south of red sea area. “The school is classified as a diverse "language" school, including the pre-school, KJ, primary and preparatory grades.” Sayed Ghareeb, the school principal, said. “we have 96 student totally in attendance. The average number of students in class is 10 -12 students.” he added. “ we provide the students with the elementary basic curriculums of the Ministry of education, in addition to some extra curriculums as English and science. We also a multi-language school, as we teach students as a secondary language French or German Language, optionally starting Grade 4.” He confirmed. “ we don’t have a secondary stage because we don’t have students in this educational level, but starting next year we will have students in the 1st secondary stage.” 

Port Ghalib Language School is fully equipped with the latest educational aids. “ from Pre school till Grade 2, we provided the classes with smart boards, overhead projector and computer, so as the teacher can display any electronic syllabus to the students that will help them to understand faster. Some of our curriculums have educational CDs. From grade 3, we have a media room that can be used to display the material in case.” “the students also participate with the teachers in the teaching aids and the educational projects and that happens in the weekly activity class ”  Mr. Ghareeb affirmed.

The school’s motto is “Serving the Community in the Spirit of Benevolence”. The school aims to provide all students with a multi-faceted, school-based curriculum that will enable students to develop independent thinking skills, and to offer the society a group of good, highly educated citizens that will participate in the development of the country. “ we offer the students a high standard of education and that has been proved from the student exchange replacement tests we do for the new students and vice versa” Mr. Ghareeb confirmed. “ we have a complete curriculum for KJ stage which is not available in many international schools.” 

“The normal school day starts at 7:45am and ends up at 2:50pm with 8 classes, average 40 classes per week” Mr. Sayed said. “ we also have a writing novel syllabus for grade 8 and 9, I myself teach it for the students. We found a lot of students who have the writing talent.” Mr. Ghareeb said.

The school also is keen on the sports activities. “ there is a Karate program for the students as a sports activity. We also do some sports days to encourage the students to practice sports and to implant within every student the concept of living a healthy life” Mr. Sayed confirmed.

The school also cares about the student’s health. “ we have some teachers that joined the first aid programs and we have the first aid equipment and in case any critical cases, we transfer the student to Port Ghalib’s hospital.” Mr. Sayed affirmed.

Port Ghalib School provides the students with excellent academic programs, headed by high caliber professionals, within a living and safe environment, where students find hope for a better future.