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A favorite spot of liveaboards and daily boats alike, Shouna is one of those areas where you can have magic encounters. This diving sites includes: Ras Shouna, Aquarium area, Shouna Seagrass, Sha’ab Sireer, Sha’ab Abu Khaled.

Ras Shouna  is the corner and outside north of Shouna is unique for its sprawling sand plateau. Littered in table corals of all shapes and sizes, pick your depth on the gradual slope and see what's hiding beneath each one. Of course blue spot rays are abundant, but certain times of year bring in breeding guitar rays and other surprises.

Aquarium is the name says it all - this is the site to come to for that fish-tank feel. Cleaning stations up and down the reef serve the resident schools of snappers, batfish, goatfish and fusiliers. Crocodilefish, lionfish and scorpionfish lay in wait for the meals to come to them and the keen eye will spot more camouflaged critters on this site than any other. This is a dive you could do again and again...

Shouna Seagrass is the fine sand of Shouna supports a lush seagrass bed that runs down the middle of the bay and around two shallow pinnacles. This is a classic dive where you won't have to go far to see large whiptail rays and green turtles. Ghost pipefish, snake eels and shrimpfish are regularly seen but one of the greatest sights is the large school of golden trevallies that hunt in the seagrass like a pack of dogs. Interested in divers, these large fish come very close - but beware the sand trail the leave behind! For the lucky ones also, Dyson our local dugong is spotted here.

Sha’ab Sireer is the 'bed reef' could be named after the lazy speed we find works best to take in the scenery - but actually it's so called for the fact that more often than not we encounter sleeping green turtles at about 20mt. Massive male George and cute female Tracy are the most regularly spotted, but there are plenty of others that make cameo appearances. Posing for pictures, you'd be forgiven for not noticing the massive schools of snapper and bream cruising amongst the stunning corals above.

Sha’ab Abu Khaled is named after one of our captains, this reef is characterized by steep sloping reef tongues extending down from the reef wall, separated by sandy areas. These sandy areas reflect the sun, lighting up the profuse colorful soft corals and giving another opportunity to see big sleeping green turtles. Large shoals of unicorn fish, fusiliers and red snappers congregate next to the reef wall, and you may even be lucky to see something a little bigger out in the blue. The reef tongues are teeming with anthias reminiscent of the more offshore reefs.