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This year, for the first time in years, the number of tourists in the Red Sea exceeded half a million tourists in two consecutive months, July and August, recalling 2010, the peak year when tourist resorts reached their highest levels.

According to official statistics issued by the Red Sea Governorate's authorities, the number of foreign tourists and Egyptians, and Arabs, who visited resorts resorts in the cities of the province during the month of August.

The statistics, which is published, exclusively, at "Al-Ahram Gate" newspaper, confirmed that the number of tourists who reached the cities of the Red Sea through airports and marine ports, during the month of August, reached 524,000 tourists, an increase of more than 19,000 tourists from last July, that lead in increase in the total number of tourists to reach 505,000 tourists.

Tourist arrivals from Germany are still at the top of the list of arrivals in the Red Sea, last month, receiving 131,468 German tourists. Domestic tourism (Egyptians) ranked second with 114,888 Egyptian tourists. Czech tourism jumped to third place 34,192 tourists, surpassing the British tourism, which has 24,000 tourists, to be ranked fourth in the list of countries exporting tourism to the Red Sea.

Tamer Nabil, a tourism expert and member of the Board of Directors of the Tourism Investment Association in the Red Sea, commented in a statement to the "Al-Ahram Gate" newspaper,  that next winter tourist season will witness a heavy demand to approach 2010, the peak year.

Nabil stressed that the recent period witnessed the opening of new tourism markets such as Kazakhstan and China markets. He explained that German tourism has become on the top of incoming tourism, after losing it for many years against to the Russian market, pointing out that hotels' rates are still low, but is expected to rise in the coming months.

In August, the hotel occupancy rate in Marsa Alam reached 80.62. %, Hurghada 75.23%, Safaga 82.11%, and Quseir 65.58%.