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Port Ghalib has announced its latest Marina Towers project, which includes 4 real estate towers, 20 floors, on an area of 104 thousand meters with a total investment of 600 million pounds, in partnership with a Jordanian investment and real estate company. The towers will contain apartments with 800 rooms, a recreation area and a commercial stripe, which will enhance the attractiveness of thousands of visitors and tourists from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, especially as the city is unique in the region integration and distinguished by the advantages of tourism and leisure as well as extensive marine facilities.

A global consultant office in Dubai will present the tower designs, which will be phased in, at the end of 2018 and up to 2021 for the first phase. The license for this project is a unique license on the Red Sea coast.

Port Ghalib is the capital of the Kuwaiti EMAK Group on the Egyptian territory. The city has a unique location on the Red Sea coast, 5 minutes from Marsa Alam International Airport.

Port Ghalib is characterized by the beauty of the place and the accuracy of planning, to be an Egyptian tourist interface, individually and internationally, including natural elements that have been exploited on scientific basis and a huge amount of investments pumped through the EMAK Group to cooperate in the advancement of the Egyptian economy and provide a luxury tourism service competing with international services.