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The underwater life in the Red Sea is very rich, as There are 2,148 identified species of fish and although that this number continues to rise because of the increase in the monitoring activity done by the Red Sea reserves. some few species are considered to be vulnerable or threatened.

One of the distinguished fish species in the area is the Parrot Fish. It'. They have numerous tiny teeth arranged in a tight formation along the outside of their jaws forming a parrot-like beak and they all display beautifully bright colors that’s why they have been named upon the Parrot bird.

Parrot fish species has at least 80 different types that are a subfamily of the Wrasses and they are usually found on reefs or sea grass beds. They are active during the day and hide in the reef at night.  As they rest they produce a transparent smelly cocoon to help in hiding them from predators. 

The size of the adult fish varies between 30 and 50cm length, although, some species are in length of one meter or a few more and they live in schools.

The parrot fish is a herbivorous but sometimes its' diet extends to some reef organisms so it is not a main vegetarian organism. 

Their population is a great asset to any reef as they help to protect the coral from being overwhelmed by algae and because of their powerful beaks they are able to digest algae topped reef rocks.

Snorkelers, divers and fishers should avoid targeting parrot fish because of their importance to the reef ecosystem.