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Marsa Alam, the southern Red Sea Governorate, will host the 83-page World Tourism and Environment World Cup, 2018, from 12TH of April 2018 for a week . The competition is sponsored by the Ministries of Tourism, Culture and the United Nations. The event is a major promotion of the Egyptian tourism through extensive media coverage by representatives of satellite channels and various media in the participating countries.

Port Ghalib hosted the contestants on 17th of April 2018 spending a marvelous day on the city’s international marina at the sultan restaurant and lounge. Sun Rise Marina Resort hosted their accommodation for one night and they had a unique photo shooting session at the hotel.

Miss ECO is an international beauty pageant founded by LTCP-UN project. The aim is to make awareness through the theme of Economy and Environment. The purpose of establishing Miss Eco Int. is to market tourism in general and Eco-tourism in particular under the slogan "Beauty For A Cause".  

General Ahmed Abdullah, governor of the Red Sea, said that organizing and hosting such events represents a message of great reassurance to the world and to all touristic markets about the importance of the Egyptian destination in general and Marsa Alam in particular. It is one of the most important mechanisms used in the promotion of tourism in Egypt, which has great resonance internationally and locally.

The Pageant included several stages, including the “beach wear” test and the “Eco Dress” which is the most important stage of the competition. The dresses worn by each contestant show their keenness to preserve the environment, and  will be concluded with a fitness show for the queens.

It is worth mentioning that the events of the competition this year are held in Egypt, from April 11 to April 27, where the contestants are subject to various stages started a tour of Alexandria, and then visit the pyramids of Giza and then went to the city, "Marsa Alam", and then to the city, "Luxor" to visit the monuments and tourism there Next Friday, and ends with the final ceremony of the Queen's crowning and is scheduled to be held at the Grand Theater of the Egyptian Opera House.