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Port Ghalib gives you a chance to own a piece of history. From the 12th century till today, the legend of Ghalib remains unchanged. It was never, by chance, the creation of a place like this. There’s always an untold story behind every success empire. Here’s we will introduce to you, an unspoken legend of Port Ghalib.

At the turn of the first millennium, a young man called “Ghalib”, the son of a poor tailor, had become a well-to-do spice merchant. As fate plays its role in his life, he fell in love with a girl named “Budor”, the most beautiful maiden in Kathima city in Saudia Arabia. Her father agreed to the marriage of Ghalib and his daughter on one condition; Ghalib must pay double the dowry another suitor had promised.

Ghalib agreed and in doing so, he made a mortal enemy named “Salem”, who had previously been promised to Budor. Later that year, Ghalib steered his 3 ships into Aidhab city, on the coast of Egypt. The town was the country’s main Red Sea port. However, the vengeful Salem arrived before him and bribed the governor to prevent Ghalib’s entry to the port. Ghalib sailed North to a small hamlet, an unused natural bay said to be haunted by a fleet of ancient pharaonic ghost ships. Undiscouraged, Ghalib arrived safely in the bay that helped him to cut almost a week off the established spice route to the Mediterranean. After his daring success, other merchants began to use the same route. It was then, that Ghalib decided to find a new port to his little unknown village. Soon Port Ghalib had a busting harbor and Ghalib had enough money to pay the dowry and build his bride, Budor, a beautiful palace there. Furious, the jealous Salem, again, mislead the governor of Aidhab and convinced him to attack Port Ghalib with armed ships. The situation was grim for the outnumbered merchants of Port Ghalib, as the Aidhab fleet began to attack. Suddenly, out of mist, there, appeared a ghost ship. A second ghost ship had appeared, a few moments later. Then another, then ten more. The oarsmen of the ancient ships, suddenly, chanted in a tongue no one had heard before that terrified the Aidhab sailors and let them hoisted their tall ships and sped away, to return back.

Of next 500 hundred years, Port Ghalib was woven into the tapestry of time, never to be forgotten.