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The British Ambassador to Egypt, John Casson, was keen to promote for tourism in Egypt, where he had a visit to Marsa Alam before leaving to Cairo, where his term will end up in Egypt, next month, to confirm the fondness of English tourists in the Red Sea with its warm water, soft sand, coral reefs and colorful fish..

The British Ambassador took a diving trip deep in the Red Sea accompanied by a diving instructor. He took a number of commemorative photos with the giant manta fish and posted it via his personal account on Twitter. " who is the instructor now?. The best diving in Marsa Alam. Salute for the awesome diving instructor . We will return back again" He commented.

Casson spent four years in Egypt, distinguished by his Arabic language and the sense of humor, he acquired from the Egyptian people. He incited to eat Egyptian folk dishes and to pick up many of the common words in Egyptian society.