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Forbes published a report on the top 15 touristic landmarks, to be visited in 2018. Egypt was on the list. The site confirmed that these tourist areas were chosen because they enjoy a different atmosphere and civilization that should be seen if you are a fan of traveling.

“I put those questions to experts at several high-end travel companies. These super-agents know what they're talking about, keeping their ears on their clients' interests and their eyes on the adventures that they have in every corner of the world. Here's what on their radar for next year.” Ann Abel, contributor for Forbes, talking about the base of their selection to those special 15 places to recommend for visiting.

The website wrote about Egypt saying that If you are a lover of ancient civilizations, you must discover the great Pharaonic civilization in Egypt and go to Luxor and Aswan and witness the beauty of temples and Pharaonic museums, and went to Cairo and discover the beauty of the pyramids and the Sphinx. “ A journey into the unknown, the mystery trip, your ultimate answer to the sacred call of adventure!” Forbes said. the website said that  Luxury tour operators such as Indagare have reported a swift increase in tourism in the past year.

“Think horseback riding around the Great Sphinx of Giza and touring pyramids with renowned Egyptologists. And while the country is known for its age-old ancient treasures, new finds continue to be uncovered. Last summer, archeologists discovered two important artifacts: an ancient pyramid and a pharaoh’s head.” Forbes noted.

Egypt’s selection was among a list that contains Bolivia, Southern Tanzania, Asheville-North Carolina, Chad, Brazil, Chile, Milan, Central Tibet, Malawi, Faroe Islands in Denmark, Cambodia, Tasmania, The Yucatan Peninsula and Mexico City.