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While the world focuses on soccer matches and the scored and the skill of teams from 32 countries participating in Russia World cup 2018, the Daily Telegraph has conducted a survey of the world's best vacation destinations for fans of the World Cup, with Egypt in Group A at the top of the best countries.

The poll was about answering the question: From Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Uruguay What is your favorite vacation destination whether you are there or want to visit.

“Egypt” ranked first in the group with 37% of the vote, and “Uruguay” came in second place with 33%.

The host country “Russia” received 19%, and “Saudi Arabia” was at the bottom of the group at 11%. According to the newspaper, it may have been the result of Saudi Arabia's vote on their performance against Russia in the opening match, which reflected the views of the participants in the survey.

The newspaper pointed out that the result of voting for Egypt as the best tourist destination comes after a great recovery of tourism in Egypt recently, and last year received a large proportion of tourists, reaching 8.13 million visitors to Egypt in 2017, compared to 5.26 million visitors in 2016, and saw Tunisia and Turkey also saw a surge in bookings by British holidaymakers after security concerns affected their tourism aspirations.