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Red Sea Protected areas announced on Friday 20th of April, the appearance of a rare dolphin species near the island of Magawish in Hurghada.

Abdullah Abed, a researcher at the Red Sea Protected areas, and a naval patrol under his supervision, said that they were able to monitor the appearance of a school of false killer dolphins of 10 to 12 dolphins which is an event Environmentally seldom.

Abed explained that the "false killer" dolphins rarely appear in the Red Sea, where it was observed, amid a state of joy for its emergence by maritime operators, as well as tourists.

Dr. Ahmed Ghalab, director of the Red Sea reserves, said that the reason behind the name of the species is the similarity between it and the big killer whale species from the appearance and the length of 5 meters.

He said that the first appearance of this species in the Red Sea according to official records, was in 1985 and that the last appearance was observed on April 28, 2012 and the most recent of a short period in the Sheraton in Hurghada.

He added that monitoring this dolphin’s species is added to the list of marine organisms that have been observed in the Red Sea during the past years, including the whale shark, hatchback whale and sunfish.