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Egyptian Tourism has witnessed a new record in the Italian traffic flow. The Italian market is expecting a great growth in 2018, to reach half million visitors, since the beginning of this year, which is a 96% increase compared to 2017.

This figures are expecting to face a huge leap, after The Vatican’s declaration for credence of the holy family’s historical path in Egypt within the Catholic pilgrimage program, as Pope Francis drew the attention of 51.4 % of the world's Christians to explore the sacred journey stations of the Holy Family in the Egyptian lands, which considered as the most important international and Egyptian tourism event in 2018. The Egyptian tourism has not been supported by a world-class papal in its modern history, like this before.

The great hospitality received by the Italians in Egypt had a strong impact on changing the recent Egyptian image for the Italian tour operators, and highlighted the cultural diversity and security enjoyed by all tourists and visitors in Egypt.

Marsa Alam is classified among the beach tourism top destinations for snorkeling and diving worldwide, thanks to its pristine diving sites, its shimmering marine life and its rich fauna and fish flora even at a very near depth. A sunny weather, all year is a great addition that makes the region a beloved destination for all its visitors, even in windy winter days. That's why it become one of favorite destination for the Europeans all year round.

Meanwhile, The Italian market faced a 77 % increase in the traffic compared to year 2017, as per Marsa Alam International Airport’s traffic reports, which indicates the great demand upon the beach tourism in the Red Sea, generally, and Marsa Alam area specially.