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Port Ghalib’s international marina ‘s  revenues raised by 35% in the season opening, exceeding the ones achieved on the previous couple of years, 2016 and 17 upon receiving 25 extra commercial safari boats as a turn away from Marsa Alam Port due to suspension of berthing for renovation.

Captain Sherif Fawzy, the Marina’s general manager, said “ normally, upon the season’s opening,  we used to have an average of 24-28 anchored boats. We host, now, 51 boats, on average of 31 maximum number per day(Friday)”. “ we’re expecting that the revenues will increase to reach 50 to 60% by the end of 2018” he added.

Port Ghalib’s international marina hosts 26 boats that offer the daily sea trips for Port Ghalib’s visitors and outsiders. “ The movement of international boats and yachts has been affected severely, lately, as we used to receive 150 yachts, yearly, from 2005 till 2010. Recently, we used to receive on average 35-40 ones, due to the piracy in Eden’s bay, in 2010, followed by the Yemen’s war since 2011.” Sherif verified.

Total , the French oil and gas worldwide company, is the main fuel supplier partner for Port Ghalib’s marina boats. “ we trust Total because of the excellent quality of its products and its reasonable prices and this is one of our strength points behind our good reputation in the maritime society. Some of our clients asks for a fuel technical specification’s analysis which we can be requested from Total easily , a factor to encourage the boaters to pass by and rate us positively on the Marine different social media platforms as a highly recommended port to be visited.” Sherif confirmed.

Port Ghalib’s international Marina was, mainly, created and operated to receive and serve the foreign private boats and yachts, offering them a high standard service with reasonable humble fares, compared to other worldwide ports. “ NASCO tours has been contracted to support the Maritime agency’s tasks on November 2017. It is an international agency specialized in ferry and yachts agencies and provides maritime agency services for the Saudi royal family yachts and and they will have a maritime and touristic added value for Port Ghalib’s city” Sherif affirmed. 

The Marina’s first phase has been completed to begin operating, in 2002, with total fully equipped 47 berths and 953 off plan. “ we are planning to have an extension for the marina with 19 extra berths, to be in total 66, with 7 million Egyptian pounds investment, that can accommodate different boat lengths. This project will start on the first of December 2018, to be ready within 3 months, that will facilitate the operation” Sherif announced.

Port Ghalib’s international marina is classed as an official south-bound gateway and Port entry to Egypt. If you’re planning a worldwide boat trip or either you’re stuck for gas shortage, just pass by for a unique experience and excellent offered services.