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PortGhalib is a summer lasting city. You can enjoy your summer all around the year. and when mentioning the word  'Summer", our minds always interprets it with being on the beach. So here, we offer you some essentials that you can't forget while being at the beach, for keeping you hydrated and protected from the scorching sun, while enjoying an ultimate experience full of fun and best times.

On the top of these essentials are the Sun Screen 50+ (preferably to be applied every 2 hours), Moisturizer to help you ease your sun toll's pain in case, Ointment for Burns to protect you from any sun skin damage, Glycerin Soap is the best to wash yourself after the sea bath, Antiseptic Cream for any scratches or skin cuts over the beach, Comfy flip-flops, Sunglasses, Detangles in case of messy hair and a Water-Resistant Case to contain all these previously mentioned stuff and also your electronics and keys.

Don't miss your essentials and get the most out of your vacation at PortGhalib, the city of adventures.