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Business magazine Forbes, has published an article, by travel writer Allison DiLiegro, about Egyptian tourism and her experience during her visit to Egypt, under the title "Why 2018 is the year to visit Egypt". She began her article that Egypt was her childhood dream destination, ”Egypt had been at the top of my list since seventh grade history class. To me, the Cradle of Civilization was a graduate-level travel locale, the grandest stop on a Grand Tour. So in January 2018, when I heard tourists were going back after a lull in political unrest, I booked a flight for the spring.”

She, then, started to describe the pyramids, ” when the pyramids came into view, I gasped and my stomach did a flip. The magnitude of the site is hard to comprehend and harder to describe. It was all tears and tingling — like my body understood the deep history in a way that my brain could not.”

Allison added that (on-the-ground) security in the country is immense but at the same time not intimidating, giving tourists a proper sense of security, “my husband and I felt welcome and safe throughout our time in Egypt. There is a large security presence and checkpoints located outside all sites and hotels. While this amount of security may sound nerve-wracking, it’s quite the opposite. When you are traveling with a good guide, you hardly notice all the procedures in place to keep you safe.”

DiLiegro then proceeds to list reasons for readers to why 2018 is the best time to visit Egypt.

Her first reason is “we were able to explore freely and take photos without busloads in the background.”

She proceeds to mention another encouraging factor about Egyptian tourism right now which is how cost-saving it is. Not only is Egypt affordable, it’s also quite luxurious, which is DiLiegro’s third reason.

Rather than just gross numbers or statistics, the articles utilizes the author’s personal experiences from her time on Egyptian streets to prove that Egypt is a safe and enjoyable country for tourists.