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Marsa Alam International Airport welcomes the first Yanair flight, on Sunday 29th of October 2017, carrying on board 171 Ukrainian passengers, to Marsa Alam city, which is the favored destination for the Ukrainians, specially, in the winter season.

The aircraft was welcomed by water cannons, to mark the arrival of the flight, as a part of the international protocol, of the first arrival of an aircraft to an airport, and the passengers were greeted with flowers from the moment of arrival.The arrival ceremony was displayed on the airport’s screens.

The launch of a new airline route comes as part of the airport’s efforts to revive and As a part of EMAK (Marsa Alam international airport) marketing development efforts to increase number of flights to Marsa Alam airports. 

“The airport management provided the facilitation of all the procedures needed for the passengers” General Hany Okab, the Chairman of EMAK Marsa Alam Airport company, declared. “the management will provide a high standard of services starting from the aircraft arrival, passing through all airport check in procedures for all passengers” he added.“the launch of new routes reveals and confirms the success for the airport’s management in attracting more touristic trips and international airlines to the area” he added.

Yanair will operate 3 flights, on weekly basis, on a Boeing 737-400 type and Airbus 321.