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When you plan to have a vacation in the winter season, the first thing that comes up in your mind is the weather in the place that I am going to head to. Just without googling and reading the reviews here and there, we offer for you the best place on earth to have your dream winter vacation in. Its Port Ghalib city in Marsa Alam. If you’re just asking why should be Marsa Alam generally and Port Ghalib specially on top of your vacation list, the answer would be, the special climate over the year and preciously in the winter.

In winter, from December to February, the temperature is marvelous and the climate is dry. The sun is shining over the coast and you rarely face a raining day. The weather is, seldom, cold for swimming or sunbathing, especially in December and January, depending on the daily forecast and on the wind intensity. On the cold days the temperature reaches down to around 12 °C and the maximum temperature reaches around 18/20 °C. the sun is always shinny all over the year even during the cold days.

The sea temperature is excellent all over the year, especially in winter, as it goes down to 23.8 °C in December and reaches its minimum low temperature in February which is around 22.6 °C. This refers that the temperature of the water is slightly gets cold on come days but it’s still acceptable for swimming to those who don’t have a problem with the cold-water status.

“I was there 4 years ago, I went hiking on the reef, it was beautiful, I would love to come back in the winter” Gianna Picasso reviewed on Port Ghalib’s official Facebook page. “This is the most Nubian sun in Egypt” Polina Shvets, also, reviewed about Port Ghalib’s winter weather. 

Thus, you can visit Port Ghalib all over the year, but it’s preferable in the winter as the city is in the southern part of Egypt’s Red Sea coast. So, it’s climate is a tropical one that is warm in the winter and hot during the summer.