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Director of the Red Sea Reserves declared, on Saturday 16th of September 2017, in a press conference, the decision taken by the Ministry of Environment, of establishing some environmental homes for residents of the Valley of the camel in Marsa Alam

Dr. Ahmed Ghalab, Director of the Red Sea Reserves, said that the Ministry of Environment will undertake a comprehensive development for the residents of the “Wadi El-Jammal” natural reserve.

In an exclusive statement to Al-Ahram Gate, Mr.Galab said that the ministry will work on establishing modern environmental villages for the residents, including each solar village, solar power station, desalination plant, modern wooden houses and the services provided to visitors, stressing that the Ministry of Environment is trying to preserve the natural resources, the most important of which is Wadi Al-Jammal.

The reserve has unique ecological, aesthetic, scientific and cultural elements. The natural elements are unique plant communities. The valley contains many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. There are rare species of trees, palms and lakes, where fresh salty water mixes It attracts attention to the gaps dug by sea turtles by sand, leaving the eggs in them. We find rare plants, such as mangroves, which grow in seawater, where migratory birds build their nest, and other plants with lengths of 5 to 9 meters.

The reserve is a home to group of islands that harbor important groups of birds. On the Island of the Camel, 10% of all the falcons found in the world, and rare species of deer, eagles and rabbits, Of the precious metals used in the manufacture of cars and aircraft.


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