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A team of researchers from the Red Sea Reserves, from the Nature Protection Department of the Ministry of the Environment, succeeded in rescuing a sea turtle from the "beak" type before selling it, in coordination with Ras Gharib police station.

Dr. Ahmed Ghalab, Director General of the Red Sea Reserves, confirmed that the turtle has been launched into its natural habitat in the Red Sea after examining it and ensuring its safety and ability to continue living in its environment and numbering it.

One of the fishermen, in Ras Gharib, had put the turtle, in front of his shop, in order to be sold. The fisherman was seized and the turtle was confiscated, in coordination with Ras Gharib investigation police office.

The Red Sea reserves have announced an initiative to protect the sea turtles by 2015 and have regained the ecological balance of these marine organisms once again. The International Union For The Conservation Of Nature (IUCN) classifies sea turtles on the endangered red list around the world, While the “CITES” convention establishes it in “Annex I” of the convention, which means prohibiting the sale and export or any parts thereof.

The number of sea turtles that the Red Sea reserves have been able to save and return to their natural habitat since the declaration of the Initiative exceeded 20 marine turtles of green and falconry. They numbered them for follow-up in the marine environment.