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German tourism has returned to be on the top of the tourist exporting countries for the Red Sea resorts, especially for both cities “ Hurghada and Marsa Alam”, after years during which German tourism fell behind the Russian counterpart, which was always at the forefront of incoming tourism during the past years until the crash of the Russian plane in Sharm el-Sheikh. Despite the continued decision to stop Russian flights, which means the loss of more than 2 million tourists, annually, according to governamental official statistics, over the past years, but German tourism began to rise in the remarkable level, and there is a high demand from the German tourist on the rea sea resorts. Lately, the trend to open new markets such as Chinese market, which began to flock to Hurghada.


In an interview for the national newspaper “ El-Ahram”, Major General Ahmad Abdullah, Governor of the Red Sea, stressed that the tourism sector is one of the most essential sectors to which he attaches his all great attention since his enrollment to have his governor responsibilities. He is keen to attend all international touristic exhibitions to help to attract more tourists to the sector . He also doesn’t hesitate to solve any problems facing the tourism investors. he added that the occupancy rates in the Red Sea cities are reasonable for such a time, taking into consideration the political and security circumstance that the country is facing nowadays. He expected the occupancy increase during the coming winter season which starts in October, adding that the Red Sea has all the tourism components such as Diversified hotels, airports and marine ports that are on the highest standard.


The Red sea Tourism Development Authority’s office manager, Mr. Ahmed Mustafa, , explained that the occupancy rate of the hotel in the governorate at the present time reaches 40%, which is the highest occupancy rate among all the cities in the Republic, pointing out that this percentage will increase during the Bairam feast “Eid al-Fitr” to reach about 70%, up to 100% in some five-star hotels. He also pointed out that German market comes at the forefront of all the incoming tourism to Hurghada, followed by the Ukrainian, English, and finally the Czech Republican. It’s main destination is Marsa Alam, followed by Italian, Czech and Polish market. He added that domestic tourism has increased, significantly, during the last period, noting that 38,000 Egyptians visited the Red Sea during May 2017 of total 193,000 tourists, visited the resorts in the area, during the same month.


The head of the Red Sea Tourist Guides association, Mr. Bashar Abutaleb, said that there are strong indications that tourism level will return back to normal, especially after opening new markets such as the Chinese market and increasing the number of German, Czech, Polish and Ukrainian tourists. He also said that major international tourism companies began to change their destination of bringing Russian tourists into bring other nationalities such as the Roman, Arab and German tourists for example: the Hurghada’s airport is receiving 4 flights from Serbia a week after it was a single trip.

Mr. Issam Ali, one of the founders of the Tourism Association in Hurghada, said that despite the bad impact of the recent country’s security status on the tourist movement, lately, this sector, specially in the Red Sea is still coherent and better than other cities and other touristic destinations. He explained that German tourism levels is difficult to reach the Russian previous rates, but it is the first pillar to maintain the cohesion of the tourism sector in the Red Sea, especially Hurghada.