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EMAK for Management and Operations Airports Company, which operates Marsa Alam International Airport, signed an aircraft Fuel Station's Contract partnership with Total Egypt on Sunday 17th of December 2017, to set up a fuel supply agreement, to cooperate in the fuel supply and its derivatives.

The ceremony was held in the Four Season Hotel and attended by Minister of Tourism Yahya Rashed, French Ambassador Stefan Roumtier, Chairman of EMAK Marsa Alam Airport company, General Hany Qkab, Managing Director of Total Egypt, Ian Lippity, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Adel Rajab.

The contract deal with many terms as the establishment of an aircraft fuel catering station, at the highest level of technology and security,

As well as the establishment of the largest maintenance center to provide all services to cars in the south of the Red Sea Area.

Total Egypt also supplies the Port Ghalib power station with fuel and all petroleum needs. The establishment of a port and yacht supply station at Marina Port Ghalib is one of the pillars of the contract.

The ceremony began with the speech of General Hany Okab, who welcomed the attendees and spoke about the importance of this step to invest in the area. He explained that for Marsa Alam airport, there will be a new system of underground fuel supply system,  to ensure the purest fuel from impurities, and the new method relies on the withdrawal of gasoline or diesel from the "top point" storage stores instead of the bottom, which ensures the exit of fuel with higher purity and without any impurities that precipitate at the bottom of storage depots, so that Marsa Alam airport is the only airport that has implemented that type of  technology in Egypt and is scheduled to be completed within two years.

After General Okab’s  words , the contract was signed between Eng. Mohamed Nasr, Managing Director of EMAK Marsa Alam Airport company , and Iain Lubiti, Managing Director of Total Egypt.