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After an interruption for more than 4 years, the German “ Condor”  airline will resume operating its flights from Frankfort international airport  to Marsa Alam international airport “revealed by Mr. Mohamed Toman, public relation manager at Marsa Alam Airport.


General. Hany Okab, the chairman of EMAK Marsa Alam for Management and operations of airports, declared that, Condor is one of the largest and inveterate German airlines that firstly landed over Marsa Alam airport since 2001. This decision is a part of the company’s policy to re-attract the European tourists generally and the Germans specifically, in coordination with the international airlines that emphasizes the airport’s interest in providing the ultimate services and safety insurances for all the different passengers.


Bear in mind that, the IATA has announced on March 2017 that Marsa Alam airport has become a one of the first Egyptian permanent members of the international organization for slot management, that allows a better organizing, planning and regulating for the flight timings in relevance to the capacity of the airport lounges and improves the provided services to both, the passengers and the airline companies. this will had a reflection on the increase of the airport’s revenues parallel to maintaining the required security measurements.


By obtaining this certificate, the company has been awarded 4 successive versions of ISO 9001 since its inauguration. This achievement is an important step in the ongoing efforts to improve the various aspects of development and excellence, aligned with the requirements of the “ICAO” and the “Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority”,that puts the airport on top of the list of the airports that has obtained this seat.