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The Red Sea reserves, the Nature Protection Department of the Ministry of the Environment, observed 11 spinner dolphins leaving the shallow water from “Marsa Seifein” area, north of Marsa Alam city, and the survival of a large dolphin and two baby ones, according to a statement on Friday by the Environment Ministry regarding dolphins detected north of Marsa Alam. The ministry confirmed that their condition is very good and there are no fears of their presence and they have been watched on daily basis.

Since August 25, the Red Sea reserves have detected 12 spinner dolphins in Marsa Seifein, north of Marsa Alam, with 2 calves, where they were followed to confirm their health and the ability to go out to open water, Until most of them were out today.

Dr. Ahmed Ghalab, Director General of the Red Sea Reserves, said that the monitoring and the follow-up shows that these dolphin groups leave for open water and return freely, need no assistance in swimming into deeper waters during the ebb tide.

He pointed out that these dolphins resorted to Marsa Seifein to take care and protect their young, so that they are safe from natural predators, especially in times of water receding, where dolphins head to the open sea, and return in periods of high tide.

Some of the most popular diving spots in Marsa Alam include Samadai (Dolphin House Reef), Elphinstone Reef, Abu Dabab, Wreck of the Hamada and Sataya.


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