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Marsa Alam International Airport has welcomed St. Nicolas (better known as Santa Claus), coming on Brussels airlines, on Saturday 23rd of December 2017, to celebrate the Christmas at Marsa Alam .

Upon his arrival, Mr. Santa  has welcomed personally the tourists, who were in the airport’s hall, distributing gifts and presents and the arrival ceremony was displayed on the airport’s screens. Tourists were very happy and they started to get some photos with him. Children were so pleased with the souvenirs received by him. 

The management of Marsa Alam airport has prepared all the arrangements, equipment and gifts to be distributed on the tourists by Mr. Santa, during their arrival at the airport and they were keen to share the incoming tourists their joy of the Christmas holidays.

Mr. Santa was keen to celebrate the Christmas and the new year at his beloved city Marsa Alam as usual, as this is not his first visit to the city on the same period of the year. Mr. Santa will spend 15 days at Marsa Alam before travelling back to brussels.

Marsa Alam witnessed its highest volume of tourist arrivals during this Christmas holiday season, for what The South of the Red Sea is characterized by, its unique tourist attractions, warm atmosphere, good weather and the best diving spots and beaches in the world.