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If you just want to begin a journey through the different ages, connecting the world with its historic roots, telling stories of well-known past legends, then u have to visit the sand city Museum in Hurghada. It was opened in 2013, after 7 months of continuous construction. 30 artists from Spain and Brazil worked in this project, they needed up to 1.5 months to complete all the sands sculpture. The Egyptian team are responsible for the repairs, which of course have to be done frequently to prevent the sculptures for the damage cause by the different erosion factors (rain, wind ...). they brought the sand used in the sculpture process from the city of Quena all the way to Hurghada, as the sand in Hurghada’s area is too saline and would cause the decay of the sculptures in a very short period. Some sculptures are up to 10 m high. it is considered to be the biggest open air Museum in Africa and Middle East

The sculptures were made of different colored (brighter and darker) sand and of total of 11,000 cubic meters of pure sand and 4.000 tone of water. No glue was used in the sculpturing process , but the mixing ratio of water and sand and the way everything is pressed together that made them appear very adhesive.


The museum consists of 42 different sculptured statue. it is a blend of two different concepts; The first one is the “Historical” area, consist of 22 sculptures and 6 relief, representing legends, famous military leaders and  characters. Also, they present some of the ancient fiction myths of the ancient world’s Gods and Goddess. The second part is the “Wonderland” area, consist of 20 sculptures and 11 reliefs consisting of some TV world and Walt Disney animated characters, from Bugs Bunny to Batman and also from Hollywood. There are some sculptures that shows the monuments from 15 different countries .


The museum also contains a unique shopping square that contain some small boutiques, a mini market, a souvenir shop and a café “KAFFICHO”, that u can have some rest and drink something . It has also a kids playground and workshop called “Magic castle”.