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Sha’ab “Samadi” Reef, so called The Marsa Alam Dolphin house is a popular and famous dive site located 18 km southeast of Marsa Alam. It is a lagoon, located only 45 minutes away from the coast, with an offshore reef where a schools of spinner dolphins (numbering up to 480) and the bottlenose dolphins pods live. It contains three dive sites with a huge diversity of interesting coral pinnacles and sea creatures’ life which makes snorkeling or diving a marvelous wild experience.

The day trips to Sha’ab “Samadai” can be organized from Marsa Alam by local dive operators. Many Liveaboards exploring the South of the Red Sea also visit “Samadai” Reef. Moreover, the Dolphin House is a major stop on any Red Sea diving safari route, departing from the major Red Sea holiday destinations.

While diving or snorkeling in the area, you will have to be patient to get a glimpse of the all-time favorite marine mammal. you can’t guarantee a meeting with these friendly creatures from the first dive. The more time you’ll spend on diving excursions the bigger chances you will have to experience this once-in-a-lifetime feeling.

On 2008, research paper on dolphins at “Samadai”, in the Journal of the UK Marine Biological Association, stated that there was evidence that spinner dolphins are clearly easier to approach at “Samadai” than in other reefs along the southern coast of Egypt, suggesting that in “Samadai” dolphins were more used to being in the vicinity of people than elsewhere.

The site draws tourists keen to get in the water and swim with the majestic creatures. Even if the dolphins aren't feeling too sociable on that day, you'll discover a wealth of other marine life here, including sea turtles and gardens of coral.