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HEPCA was proud to announce, on the 2nd of May 2017,  their latest achievement in the field of education and raising environmental awareness, with the launch of the R/V Amr Ali - The Red Sea Defender boat, commemorating the memory of its signified director  Mr. Amr Ali, who dedicated his life to the protection of the Red Sea. The organization believes that continuous education and environmental awareness are the most important factors for achieving success with the marine environmental issues. The vessel was designed to be fully equipped with many of the latest educational tools and equipment, which enables the researchers and the students to learn about the natural ecosystems and engage in experiments designed to increase their knowledge about its conservation. Students will have the opportunity to use microscopes and other lab equipment to experience a dynamic hand on approach to learning and which will encourage them to spread the message of the system’s conservation. It will host Research expeditions trips for everyone, divers and non-divers


HEPCA is an internationally recognized NGO, founded in 1992 by 12 representatives of the diving community. It’s major interest is in the field of marine and land conservation in response to serious environmental threats affecting the Red Sea’s eco-system.


Over the past years HEPCA has taken up the responsibility to raise the environmental consciousness for the red sea’s natural resources targeting the younger generations. They try to raise the sense of appreciation in their attitude, to prepare a generation aware about the importance of the Red Sea’s natural resources. Their activities is viral along all the Red Sea coast, hosting students on board to attend their educational programs .


On last Sunday the 4th of June, all Hurghada’s diving centers were invited to join their team in a massive underwater clean up on Shuab El Erg in celebration of the world environmental day. not only to clean the wastes but also to raise awareness.