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Guinness World Records, the global authority on record breaking achievement, announced , last Tuesday 9/5 , it will establish their very own office in Egypt. Finally as a part of its expansion in the middle east . At a press conference, Guinness World Records Vice President Paul O’Neill highlighted that Guinness Records does more than simply document records, but also provides television and social media coverage to the events in which those records are broken.


He also explained that they will start working in Egypt through B Premium, which will act as its official partner company, all under the supervision of the Egyptian tourism ministry. He stated that the company will be the first of its kind in the Middle East.


The Minister of Tourism, Mr. Mohamed Yehia Rashed commented that this move shows the group’s trust and  confidence in Egypt's potential economy as one of the most important markets in the Middle East as one of the most dynamic in the region, meanwhile playing an important role in reviving and promoting for the tourism sector in the country, given many promotional activities that will be spearheaded by the organization which will be covered on an international level while having a global and regional of various media coverage and highlight the excellence of the Egyptian tourism product through these activities


The company recorded 13 achieved titles in Egypt in the past recent years :


  1. "Ahmed Mohamed Soliman Ibrahim" broke 10 plastic clothes hangers in 4.60 seconds in October 2013. 
  2. "Gaber Kahlawi Gaber Ali" did 67 cartwheels in one minute in March 2015.
  3. In June 2015, "Radioactive Egypt" broke the record for the longest line of tables during their Ramadan iftar, spanning 4,303 meters.
  4. "Mohamed Mohamed Ali Zeinhom" did a whopping 46 two-finger push-ups with one hand in March 2010. Zeinhom did the push-ups in 49 seconds, before stopping.
  5. Egypt's national football team holds the record for most Africa Cup of Nations won, with 7 trophies to their names, won in 1957, 1959, 1986, 1998, 2006, 2008, and 2010.
  6. We know we were one of the first civilisations, so we have a lot of firsts, but did you know that Egypt has the oldest dog breed? The oldest recorded breed of domesticated dogs is the "Saluki", which was kept as a royal pet in ancient Egypt.
  7. The Nile Valley and the Delta form the most expansive oasis on earth, and we have them to thank for not currently living in the middle of a vast desert.
  8. "Hesham Nessim" took 5 hours and 33 minutes to drive from the Gilf Kebir Plateau to the Siwa Oasis in March 2009.
  9. Wadi El Hitan, located in the Western Desert, contains the highest concentration in the world of Eocene whale fossils.
  1. "Ahmed Gabr" dived to a depth of 332.35 meters in Dahab in September 2014.
  1. Music legend "Amr Diab" was recognized by Guinness World Records for winning the World Music Awards for Best Selling Middle Eastern Artist in 1996, 2001, 2007, and 2013.
  2. Of course we would have the largest food court in the world. Oasis restaurants and entertainment covers a total area of 41,000 m² and includes 25 restaurants and cafes, a kids' zone, and a car park with a capacity of up to 1,000 vehicles.