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In an interview with Mr. Walid Khedr PortGhalib Real-estate director of sales, he announced a deep potential to Real-estate development at the city.
In a question of what is so special about PortGhalib that makes it a new attraction for real-estate investors?
Answer Mr. Khedr that Port Ghalib is a unique place due to its unique location to the south of RedSea. The magical mix between the south and the Red Sea is really incomparable to any other location, the magic Of PortGhalib is what make it really special.

▪ Also, Port Ghalib is a Promising City with its strong infrastructure and good climate never too hot, never too cold, never too humid. Port Ghalib offers 360 days of clear sunshine a year, with ever-present offshore breezes providing a year round climate of comfort and rejuvenation