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General Ahmed Abdulla, The governor of the Red Sea, has announced, Today, during his meeting with the a group of the city’s youth and the tourism investors, the founding of an international “gold”city in the city of Marsa Alam, including the establishment of gold workshops , exhibitions and stock exchange market. he explained that he gave his instructions for the “Urban Planning” Department in the governorate, to quickly prepare decisions for Al-Shalatin Gold Company to collect all the workers, within the Shalatin and Marsa Alam complexes, in the field and legalize their situation.  


He also said that this city will become one of the most important cadres of tourism in Egypt, and will hold its own exhibitions, as well as major meetings for the establishment, stressing that the volume of investment projects in the province by 4 billion and 200 million pounds.


He also stressed that the province is interested in micro and small projects, that has been located in the cities of Ras Ghareb, Hurghada and Safaga .


In a related context, he explained that the province will begin in establishing the tourist marina of Marsa Alam, after the completion of all the security and environmental approvals,  in order to create new employment opportunities for the province youth.