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A patrol of the “Red Sea nature reserve” has rescued, yesterday, a rare mountain goat from the “Tetels”  species,  from dying of thirst helping it to return back to life at the “Wadi al-Jemal”. They found it, totally,  exhausted and thirsty.


Mr. Ahmed Ghalab, Director of  Red Sea nature reserve, said that the Department of Protected Areas is tracking deer and tetels to protect them, pointing out that the patrol that monitored the tetel in Wadi El-Gammal reservation, was among several patrols following and monitoring the Egyptian gazelle and the tetels. He explained that the goat, which was saved was 3 years old and was found in a stressful state of thirst .


The patrol team of researchers and guards provided the goat with water and saved him from complete break down until they reassured  that it began to walk in the valley under the eyes of the patrol.


Mr. Ghalab thanked all the workers at the “Wadi El-Jemal” reserve and patrol members who played their role to the fullest and described them as nature's protectors.