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Port Safaga, also known as Bur Safaga and Safaga , is a port city on the coast of the Red Sea, located 53 km (33 miles) south of Hurghada. This small port is also a tourist attraction area that consists of several bungalows and rest houses. Having numerous phosphate mines, it is considered to be the phosphates export center in Egypt . it is an international port in the Red Sea


This area’s climate is characterized by its pure dry air all the year , the heavenly gifted therapeutic possibilities to this region of black sand, warm water and sunshine where some scientific research has been conducted which proved that these factors are likely to be effective in curing some diseases. Foreigners are heading this port from all over the world to get the most of the beneficiaries of environmental recovery and treatment away from medicines and chemicals.

Hence, medical tourism in Safaga is at the top of the list of tourism promotion in Egypt as it plays an essential and effective role in the treatment of many of an incurable diseases. The Black sand in high sea salinity, ultraviolet rays and wild medicinal plants all gathered in a the same spot .


The Safaga area is already a successful model of environmental healing. It’s unique black sand has three radioactive materials with innocuous proportions of uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium. As well as the presence of high ratios of salts and minerals that have an important therapeutic role. gold salts are successfully treating rheumatoid disease and also the salts of the gyro are semiconductors of electricity,when heated by the sun, it activates and transmits fast electrons that penetrate the skin of the patient and calm the immune system.


The Menaville Resort in Safaga has become, over the past few years, a worldwide red sea terminal for climatotherapy patients. People suffering from diseases such as psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis, will have all the attention and care of an “on-site” medical team from the first moment of their arrival at the hotel. The hotel has a group of highly trained and qualified professionals. They draft for each guest a personalized treatment program including, spa baths, solarium and sand bathing sessions. For more privacy, the open-air solarium area in Menaville is fenced and divided into four isolated sections; two for women, and two for men.