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According to a report published by the site "Monitor" US, that Egypt looks to Chinese tourists as the savior of the recession that hit the tourism sector, especially with the decline of Russian tourism, after the crisis of the fall of the plane. According to the report published by the American newspaper, the decline of Russian tourism in Egypt, about 40% in 2015, and the number of Russian tourists visiting Egypt was between 100 thousand to 250 thousand per month before the fall of the Russian plane.

Since then, Egypt's focus has been on attracting Chinese tourists after statistics revealed that China is among the top 10 foreign countries to visit its citizens continuously, noting that since then Cairo has been seeking to facilitate the granting of visas to the Chinese, but is also considering the possibility of granting them exemption Special hardship of obtaining a visa


The report pointed out that the Chinese tourists in the world make up a large proportion of up to 120 million tourists, and then Egypt has an opportunity to get the lion's share of that ratio, stressing the importance of more effort from the Egyptian side, to achieve its objectives, Utilizing its potential to get more tourists, turn its direction into Chinese tourism as an alternative to Russian tourism.


The Chinese government, on the other hand, announced in February that Egypt is one of the most important countries in the world, attractive to Chinese tourists, for its originality and history, and that the most important factors to attract are the facilities granted to tourists to extract "Visa" travel, Cairo has also been named the best tourist city for tourists from China in 2016.


The importance of attracting a Chinese tourist to the Egyptian market for a report issued by the tourist agency "Strip" and the center of China and globalization showed that Chinese tourists spent 261 billion dollars in 2016, or about 21% of the total expenditure of tourists in the world, and explained that the Chinese made more than 120 million trips during In 2015, an increase of 313% compared to 2005.


"The State of China has a global economic weight as a result of its huge commercial and industrial activity, which has been positively reflected on the level of Chinese per capita income which has a strong desire to visit various international tourist destinations.


"Over the past few years, Egypt has received more than one Chinese tourist group with individual efforts of private tourism companies with Chinese tour operators, but now after the break of Russian tourism there is an official trend in Egypt to attract Chinese tourists because it is able to bridge the Russian gap and increase.


The visit of the tourism captain to the Chinese tourist attraction is the need to sign a protocol between the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and tourism officials in China to facilitate the granting of tourist visas to the Chinese and grant them privileges in this regard, as well as intensifying airlines from China to various tourist destinations in Egypt such as Luxor and Sharm El-Sheikh and others .

He also stressed the need for Egypt to actively participate in the tourism exhibitions held by China at different times and the need to exploit the Chinese passion for Pharaonic civilization and ancient Chinese civilization in the work of tourism programs based on the integration of these ancient civilizations.


He pointed out that the faculties of languages ​​and literature in Egypt have graduated over the past years a large number of students who are fluent in Chinese in recent years, and therefore must be included in these students to the list of tour guides, the work of the reception of Chinese delegations and deal with them in various tourist areas In Egypt.

The tourism advisor to the Egyptian Embassy in Beijing, Dr. Abu Al-Maati Shaarawi revealed in previous statements that China ranked ninth among the top ten markets exporting tourism to Egypt in May, while ranking No. 4 in the ranking for the total period from January to May Of the current year.


He pointed out that the project of the opening of the airline to Shanghai, which will include two or three flights to EgyptAir to Cairo weekly, is currently being studied with the Ministry of Civil Aviation of China, saying that the hopes are in the agreement to be reached on this line by next September, With the upcoming visit of President Abdelfattah Al Sisi to China to participate in the meetings of the leaders of the BRICS countries and attend the opening of the China and Arab Countries Exhibition in Ningxia region, in which Egypt will be the guest of honor.


"We want Egypt Air to put a documentary film to promote tourism to Egypt in Chinese," he said. "We also want airports in Egypt to mark Chinese language so that the Chinese tourist will feel as interested in it as many countries do. Such as Australia and Turkey. It should be noted that the Chinese are fond of shopping and buying, especially the purchase of original and fancy products. They are different from Egypt such as Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh and Aswan.


Chinese tourists tend to eat Chinese meals only, so we need to increase the number of professional Chinese restaurants in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Safaga and Marsa Alam along the Red Sea line and in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan.


Chinese tourists who travel to Egypt range from 30 to 50 years old, making them interested in various walks of life from visiting the ruins to enjoying the beaches.