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General Ahmad Abdullah, the Governor of the Red Sea, On Tuesday 28th of June,  afternoon, received the inauguration of the first charter flight of the new Beirut-Hurghada route with 89 tourists on board. The first charter plane belonging to the T-Schori charter company took off, as a part from 48 flights that will depart from “Rafic Hariri Airport” directly to “Hurghada international Airport”. The plane was received by Major General Ahmad Abdullah, The Director of Hurghada Airport, pilot Sadek Shoura, , the director of Security at the airport Mr. Mohamed Hassan and the director of Public Relations and Information at the airport, Mr. Hatem Kamel,


General Abdullah stressed that T-Shori Company is considered the first and the core element that has the solved the problem of aviation which was an obstacle for all the tourism companies and establishments in Hurghada. He added that this trip is considered one of the most important flights as it is the beginning of marketing for the Egyptian destination in Lebanon, in a practical way, by operating the direct flight line in Beirut - Hurghada and vice versa with reasonable rates. He also stressed that the opening of the direct flight line Beirut – Hurghada, will contribute to drive the movement coming from the Lebanese market, especially during the period of the end of the academic year, and throughout the summer, pointing out that the many companies and tourism enterprises will provide several incentives to encourage the “Arab” tourist To visit Egypt and enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea.


Mr. George Paul, Chairman of the Board of Directors of T-Shori Charter Tours, said that his company provides direct flights from Beirut to Hurghada in only one hour flight which is the shortest possible time instead of the Beirut-Cairo-Hurghada flight line that takes usually six hours to arrive in Hurghada, explaining that there will be flights from Jordan to Hurghada and vice versa, and other trips from Kuwait to Hurghada directly and vice versa. He thanked the Governor of the Red Sea for his fruitful cooperation and valuable time, and for his ultimate efforts. He also thanked, as well, the businessmen and the owners of the different tourism establishments, who cooperated in an excellent way, for offering discounted prices as much as possible, in addition to many distinguished services.


In the same context, General Abdalla, added that he has worked quickly to solve all the security problems that hinder the entry of Lebanese tourists to Hurghada and obtained all security approvals to facilitate their entry in the shortest possible time.


The tourists were keen to take many commemorative photos with the governor inside the Airport Arrivals Hall, expressing their happiness to visit the charming city of Hurghada, and the splendor of its location and beauty and confirmed that a number of other groups will visit the city in the upcoming days , And that it is their first flight and will not be their last.They also expressed their happiness for the good reception at the airport,as the airport administration, in coordination with the governorate, organized a ceremony to receive the plane; through a folkloric band and playing drums and flutes and a large tart to welcome their arrival.


This comes within the framework of supporting and activating tourism and attracting Arab tourism to the Red Sea, in order to support and stimulate the tourism movement and attention to the Arab market .