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Marsa Alam Astronomy Center, located Km 23, - Marsa Shagara - Marsa Alam, on a little top hill of the Red Sea Mountains, in the Eastern Desert, is unique experience you have to catch up during your stay in Marsa Alam.

There, you can learn more about the "mysterious universe", in a 3 hours presentation, while the Bedouin tribe-Ababda- are serving you their traditional tea and coffee. You can enjoy an extraordinary experience of high intensity telescope, while you are laid on your back on a mat in the middle of the desert.

Very informative presentation, by an astronomer, that explains the night sky with its seasonal zodiacs, celestial bodies, planets, the phases of the moon and special phenomena of the region. Computer animation and special laser pointers that helps to enlighten the seen objects, are used in the presentation. With a 10-inch telescope and giant screen projector, the distant Galaxies, Clusters and Nebulas will be visible to all the audiences in the presentation.

The main guidelines in the presentation is about the star signs and their mythologies. They show Life Color Pictures from the Telescope directly on the Wide Screen projector, and explain the basic astrophysics.

Far away from the crowded cities and the pollution, you can gaze myriads of shining shooting stars.