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According to the development of a new touristic market from Europe to the south of the Red Sea, Air Cairo Airlines (Egyptian Company) started its first flight to Marsa Alam International Airport from Milan city on December 25th_2017, carrying on board 170 Italian passengers.

As of the complimentary procedures, the aircraft was welcomed with water cannons upon arrival, and the passengers were welcomed with the Christmas gifts and greeted with flowers and chocolates. The arrival ceremony was displayed on the airport’s screens.

The airport General Manager, Pilot Tarek Taban Zadah was on the top of his team for welcoming all passengers upon arrival to the terminal for ensuring the best services provided.

“Air Cairo will operate a new route from the Verona and Milan to Marsa Alam Airport with the latest Airbus 320 aircraft” General Hany Okab, the Chairman of EMAK Marsa Alam Airport company, declared. “EMAK company is working according to a specific plan to attract European tourism, by participating in international exhibitions and conferences on tourism and aviation.” He added. “these active participations have borne fruit in increasing the number of Italian tourism in the last quarter of this year, which ranks the third among the nationalities that visit Marsa Alam’s city and the south of the Red Sea area.” He said. “The airport management provided the facilitation of all the procedures needed for the passengers.” He confirmed.