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Marina Rules & Formailities

New Port of Entry


  • All boats must check into a Port of Entry to Egypt before.
  • Ship's stamps are always good to have but not essential.
  • All the below should be in date (valid) and original copy.
  • At the present time Abu Tig Marina and Hurghada Marina are still not a Port of Entry.
  • Boats will have to have checked into one of the above listed Ports of Entry before coming to the marina.
  • All boats must have a reservation before coming to the marina.
  • Please Contact the marina port control on V.H.F Ch. 16 or Ch. 10 , 2 Hours before entering the marina.
  • Also we do need a valid insurance and be informed that boats are allowed to enter our marina after sunset.

Documents Required In Egypt

  • Port Clearance from your last Port of Call Ships.
  • Registration Certificate VHF Radio License
  • Crew List Passport for everyone on board

Documents Required Filling In On Arrival

  • Passport control office declaration arrival.
  • Ministry of transport Declaration of arrival.
  • Notification for temporary clearance of yacht.
  • Undertaking.
  • Navigation equipment list.

General Rules since 2022

Since the 1st. of September 2022, all yachts must register on (the Yacht Single window) of the maritime transport sector tourism Web. https://www.mts.gov.eg/en Via Maritime Agent.
After registration on the web. On the site, you can get the total cost of entering Egypt.
You must have an agent before arrival to comply with your formalities.
E-mail the marina and your agent Before Departure Your Last Port of Call Before arrival Include ETA, Yacht details, Period of stay, diesel if you need it, Registration Certificate, Crew List, Last Port Clearance, Last 10 Ports of call, Stay Period).


Coming From the South:

Stop at Port Ghalib Marina (Marsa Mubarak on the charts No 159) and pay for the entire duration of your planned stay in Egypt and keep the receipt with you (having copies to give out is always useful, if you hand over the original make sure you will be getting it back).

Coming From North

You will need to check in at Port Said or Port Tewfik (Suez) before you arrive at the marina (i.e. check into Egypt - get visa's in your passports don't just transit the Canal).

Get the Shipping Agent to make you a sailing permit for 'Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna' or Hurghada Marina in Hurghada and come straight to the marina. Once you are here you will need to get an Agent to complete the papers you will require from Hurghada Port Authorities (the boat will not have to go to Hurghada). As detailed above all foreign flagged boats not coming from either of the two marinas listed above, will come under the 'old' much higher fee system, this involves paying fees at Hurghada Port (we come under Hurghada Port's jurisdiction) and includes various fees.

  • Definition

    • "Company" means Marsa Alam for Tourist Development (MATD), its employees and agents
    • "Marina" means the Port Ghalib yacht marina including its berths, moorings, land, quays, breakwaters, buildings, pontoons, and any other things under the control of the Company.
    • "Owner" means the person named on the License (even if he is not the legal owner of the Vessel) or, in his absence, the captain, charterer, agent or other person (other than the Company) who is acting in command of the Vessel. If there are two or more Owners they shall be deemed to be acting jointly and severally.
    • "Vessel" means any vessel (including its tender and equipment) using the Marina.
    • "Marina User" means any person (other than the Company) using the Marina.
    • "License" means a Berth license issued to the Owner for his Vessel.
    • "Berth" means a berth, mooring, or onshore storage place.
    • "Hot Work" means any activity generating a naked flame, spark, or hot gas.
    • "Health & Safety Policy" means the health and safety policy below which shall be deemed to be an integral part of these Rules.
    • "Work Permit" means a valid permit issued by the Company to a contractor or other person permitting him to work at or provide services at the Marina.
  • Liability & Insurance

    All persons use the Marina at their own risk and, to the extent permitted by law, the Company shall not be liable for the death or injury of any Marina User, nor for any loss, theft or any other damage caused to any Vessel, vehicle, or personal possessions. The Company shall not be under any general duty to provide safety watch, weather watch, or security services to prevent or reduce the likelihood of injury, theft or damage

    To the extent permitted by law the Owner shall indemnify the Company against all loss, damage, costs, claims or proceedings incurred by or instituted against the Company that may be caused by himself, his Vessel, his crew, family or guests.

    The Owner shall maintain with a reputable insurer third party insurance cover for his Vessel, himself, his crew, family and guests and for any other property in the Marina in the care custody and control of the Owner for a sum of not less than $3,000,000 (three million US Dollars, or equivalent currency) in respect of each incident. Prior to the issue of the License, and at any time during its term if requested to do so, the Owner shall provide a legible copy of the insurance cover note to the Company together with a copy of the receipt for the last premium paid. The Owner shall not cancel, surrender or alter the terms of such insurance cover without the prior written consent of the Company which consent will not be unreasonably withheld.

    Before accepting a License the Owner shall satisfy himself that the Berth and all other relevant parts of the Marina are in all respects satisfactory for his Vessel.

  • Commercial Activities & Sale Of A Vessel

    The occasional use of a Vessel by a friend of its Owner who then pays a bona fide contribution towards its actual running costs shall not be deemed a commercial use.

    The Owner shall be permitted to arrange a private sale of not more than one boat (berthed at the Marina) during anyone or more periods of 12 (twelve) consecutive months of the license granted to the Owner.

  • Repair, Maintenance And Contractors

    The Owner shall maintain his Vessel in a clean and tidy state and in a sufficiently seaworthy condition to enable it to move from the Marina under its own power, or using its own resources at reasonably short notice.

    Only minor and routine repair and maintenance work may be done on a Vessel unless it is in a designated technical services area or on a designated repair berth. Subject to complying with the Health & Safety Policy such work may be done by the Owner or by his regular crew, or by the holder of a Work Permit. All waste resulting from such work shall be removed daily after work on the Vessel and shall be deposited in suitable receptacles or removed from the Marina; otherwise the Owner shall be charged the cost incurred in collecting and disposing of such waste.

    The Company reserves the right to order any repair and maintenance work to cease immediatly if it considers that it is causing or may cause general property damage, environmental damage, inconvenience, nuisance or a health, safety and/or environmental risk to the Marina, to other vessels, to the Marina Users, or to persons or premises nearby.

    Hot Work is expressly prohibited unless specifically authorized by the Company in writing.

    For health, safety and insurance reasons the Company operates a policy whereby contractors and service providers may not work on the Marina unless in possession of a Work Permit.

    No Vessel construction, or completion of construction, shall be undertaken in the Marina by the Owner or by his contractors without the prior written consent of the Company which consent may be granted or refused by the Company at its sole discretion.

  • Payments

    If money owing to the Company is not paid by the date on which it is due then interest will be added to the balance at 2 % of the amount due for every month or a portion thereof.

    Without prejudice to its rights under Rule 12, the Company reserves the right to exercise a general lien upon (or otherwise retain) a Vessel until such time as its Owner has paid any money he owes the Company.

    License fees are non refundable.

  • Use Of Berth

    The License is personal to the Owner and is valid only for the Vessel named on it. The License may not be assigned, nor may it be used for an alternative Vessel, unless the Company first authorizes this in writing. The Company reserves the right, acting reasonably, to refuse an assignment or an alternative Vessel. An authorization shall only take effect when the Company has amended or re-issued the License.

    If the License is for berthing afloat then it does not confer any rights to lay-up or storage of the Vessel ashore, and vice-versa.

    The Vessel shall be moored in the Berth allocated by the Company and shall not be moored elsewhere in the Marina without the prior written agreement of the Company. However, the License does not entitle the Owner to the exclusive use of any particular Berth and the Company, acting reasonably, may move or require the Owner to move his Vessel from one Berth to another.

    The Company may board, enter (by force if necessary), move, or carry out emergency work on a Vessel if this is necessary for safety or operational reasons. The Owner shall be liable to pay the Company for the reasonable costs incurred if they are a consequence of any breach of these Rules.

    The Owner shall ensure that the Company has a duplicate set of all the keys of his Vessel giving full access to the interior and lockers of the Vessel including engine keys.

    When a Licensed Vessel is absent from the Marina, the Company shall be entitled to use its Berth for other Vessels and retain any berthing fees arising.

  • General Rules

    Marina Users shall comply with all reasonable instructions from the Company that relate to the safe and efficient operation of the Marina.

    Visiting locally registered Vessels are not permitted to berth in the Marina reception area. This area is reserved for the completion of entry formalities for foreign registered Vessels.

    The Owner shall navigate his Vessel within the Marina in a seamanlike manner and at such a speed (and in any event no faster than 4 knots) that no danger or inconvenience is caused to other Vessels. At all times, the Owner shall keep radio contact with the Company while navigating the Vessel inside the Marina and shall comply with all given instructions. Vessels shall not drop anchor in the Marina except in emergency.

    Once the Vessel is moored in the Berth allocated by the Company / Marina Management, the onboard generators will be stopped to prevent causing annoyance to Marina Users and to protect the environment from potential pollution resulting from their operation within the marina.

    The Owner shall contact the Company / Marina Management by radio on VHF channel 10 if he has a request or inquiry related to his moored Vessel.

    The use of Vessel tender or Zodiacs for the purpose of swimming or diving in the Marina waters, the Marina entrance channel or in the open sea is prohibited as per the Egyptian Port Security regulations.

    On behalf of himself and his crew, family and guests, the Owner agrees to comply with these Rules. The Owner further agrees not to allow anything to take place at the Marina or aboard his Vessel that might cause annoyance, nuisance or offence to the Company or any reasonable Marina User, or to persons or property nearby. Potentially offensive things include the extended running of engines, loud audio equipment, unsecured halyards and sail covers, and anti-social behavior.

    Animals are only permitted on the Marina on the strict understanding that they are at all times under control and do not cause concern, disturbance or inconvenience to other Marina Users and do not foul the Marina. In case of any breach of this rule the Company reserves the right to have the offending animal removed immediately (by force if necessary) and thereafter banned from the Marina; or to have it kept aboard the vessel during the remainder of the license period.

    A Vessel's tender, gear, equipment, stores and other things (that are not securely stored aboard the Vessel) shall be clearly marked with the name of the Vessel. These things shall not be left on the pontoons or quays or anywhere else on the Marina unless it has been designated as a storage place.

    The Marina shall not be used for swimming or other water contact sports. Fishing is only allowed on the basis that the line is not cast and that fishing does not cause any inconvenience or nuisance to other Marina Users or to persons or property nearby.

    Any times given by the Company for launching, lifting, or moving a Vessel, or for other services are given in good faith but are not guaranteed.

    No person, other than a listed and bona fide crewmember, shall live habitually or permanently aboard any Vessel unless the Owner has obtained the written authorization of the Company for him to do so.

    All water hosepipes shall be fitted with a spring-loaded nozzle designed to shut-off the water flow when the hose is unattended.

    The Owner, his crew, family or guests shall not erect any washing line on the Vessel or within the Marina or allow any washing to be displayed on the exterior of the Vessel.

    Berthing and mooring are at all times subject to the rules and regulations of the docks and other competent authorities.

    The company/ Marina offices are open daily from 8am to 8pm for processing payments and other accountancy related matters.

  • Use Of The Fuel Berth

    Vessels are allowed to dock at the fuel berth for refueling only.

    Vessels can berth only alongside the quay, (stern to berthing is not permitted), taking into consideration that a maximum of two Vessels can be served at the same time.

    The boarding/disembarkation of Marina Users; the loading/unloading of provisions or equipment is prohibited while the Vessel is at the berth.

    The Owner has to take all necessary precautions before and during refueling in order to prevent fire hazard or fuel spillages into Marina waters. Suitable extinguishers should be made available during refueling.

    Upon completion of the service, the Company should be contacted to obtain permission for the Vessel to return to its berth or to any other berth allocated by the Company/ Marina Management.

  • Solid Waste Collection

    8.30 am - 12.30 pm - 3.30 pm - 6.00 pm

    Solid waste bags or unpaged waste should not be left on the Marina quays for collection or disposed of within the Marina either near the quays, on land or in the vicinity of surrounding buildings.

    In case of any breach of rules 9.2, 9.3, the Company will impose and collect a fine from the Owner commensurate with the violation as determined by the Company. In addition, a notice will be served on the Owner to cancel the License in the event of a second breach of the above rules.

  • Vehicles

    Marina users shall park their vehicles in accordance with the Company's instructions. The Company reserves the right to allocate car parking spaces for the crew, for the buses transporting Marina Users and for the trucks supplying provisions to Vessels. In no circumstances shall any vehicle be parked so as to obstruct quays, roadways, slipways or any other working areas in the Marina, or to interfere with the commercial activities or the convenience of the Marina Users, or shall have an adverse safety or environmental effect.

    If a vehicle is to be left unattended in the designated parking areas of the Marina for more than 24 hours then its owner shall ensure that the keys are deposited with the Company so that the Company can move the vehicle if necessary.

    The Company reserves the right to enter a vehicle ( by force if necessary ), or remove it by lifting or towing if it is parked in breach of the above. The Company specifically reserves the right to enter a vehicle (by force if necessary) to arrange the de-activation of its audible alarm if this continues to sound for longer than 30 minutes. The Owner of the Vehicle shall reimburse the Company any costs that it may have incurred.

    No caravan ( motor or trailer ), tent or other Vehicle adapted or designed for sleeping may remain in any part of the Marina without the prior written approval of the Company.

  • Precaution Against Fire

    Marina Users shall take all reasonable precautions against the outbreak of fire. No Hot Work shall be carried out at the Marina without the specific written authorization of the Company.

    No fuel, gas, pyrotechnic or other highly flammable or explosive substance shall be brought onto the Marina unless it is in an appropriately designed secure container. The Owner shall ensure that if the container is kept aboard his Vessel it is stowed in a seamanlike manner, and in a suitably drained and ventilated place. Gas bottles shall be turned off when not in use.

    The Owner shall maintain adequate fire fighting equipment aboard his Vessel ready for immediate use in the event of fire. When the Vessel is occupied at least one fire extinguisher, suitable for the kind of engines, fuel and equipment and approved by the appropriate government authorities, shall be kept clearly visible and readily accessible above decks.

    Vessels shall not be refueled except at the fuel berth or other place designated by the Company for the purpose. Fuel suppliers must hold a Work Permit.

  • Termination

    In the case of Force Majeure the company shall have the right to terminate a License by serving the Owner with such notice as is reasonable in the circumstances. Force Majeure will apply if at any time the Marina is so badly damaged or affected by any natural or manmade occurrence that the Company can no longer provide the Berth and/or its associated services in accordance with the License. In the event of such a termination the Company will refund the Owner the unexpired portion of his License fee.

    In the event of any breach of these Rules, the Company shall have the sole and exclusive right to terminate an Owner's License in accordance with the following procedure:

    • If the Company determines that the breach is serious then the Company may terminate the License immediately without notice.
    • Otherwise the Company will first serve legal notice on the Owner, specifying the breach and requiring him to remedy it within 14 days. If the Owner fails to remedy the breach within 14 days, the Company may at any time thereafter serve a further notice on the Owner terminating his License and requiring him to remove his Vessel from the Marina within 14 days.

    If the Owner fails to remove his Vessel from the Marina upon termination of his License then the Company may:

    • Continue to charge the Owner the berthing fees and other charges ( in accordance with the Company's tariff, where applicable ) for keeping his Vessel at the Marina, and/or:
      Give 28 days written notice to the Owner of its intention to recover the amounts due to it by disposing of his Vessel in accordance with Rule 14.4.

    If a Vessel appears to have been abandoned, or if its Owner fails to respond to notices that have been properly served, then the Company may dispose of the Vessel as follows:

    • The Company shall serve a further notice on the Owner at his last known address and shall publish a notice in a local newspaper and shall fix a notice to the mast or superstructure of the Vessel. These shall be 3- month notices of the Company's intention to dispose of the Vessel at public auction.
    • If the Owner fails to respond by paying all amounts owing to the Company and (if applicable) removing his Vessel from the Marina or its storage place, then the Company may sell the Vessel at public auction following the expiry of the 3- month notice period.
    • The Company shall be entitled to deduct from the sale proceeds any costs properly incurred by it under these Rules and/or under the terms of any other agreement it has with the Owner. The Company shall then account to the Owner for any balance. If any amount still remains due from the Owner to the Company then the Company reserves the right to take further action to recover the outstanding amount.

    The Owner may terminate his License at any time but will be deemed to have taken account of the provisions of Rule 5.4

  • Validity

    The Company reserves the right, acting reasonably, to amend or add to these. Rules if it deems it necessary to do so for the safe and efficient operation of the Marina or to comply with statutes, governmental regulations or official decrees. Additional rules will almost certainly apply for the use of the fuel berth and the technical services facilities. Such amendments or additions shall become effective 28 days after being publicly displayed on the Company's notice board at the Marina or served on the Owner.

    Legal notice may be served on the Owner in person, or by sending it by recorded delivery or courier service to his last known address (or in the case of a body corporate to its last known registered address), or by fixing it to his Vessel in a prominent position.

    The Rule headings are for identification only. Where applicable, words signifying the masculine also include the feminine and the singular the plural. In the event that these Rules are translated and a question of interpretation arises or there is any uncertainty as to meaning, then this English version shall prevail.

    Any dispute arising out of these Marina Rules shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of North Cairo courts of justice.

    These Marina Rules shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the Law of Egypt.

  • Health And Safety Policy



    The Company will do everything that is reasonably possible to protect its employees and Marina Users from foreseeable hazards, but it expects them to acknowledge that they have a personal responsibility to work safely and to act in a manner that ensures the safety of themselves and others.


    The Company will:

    • Maintain safe and healthy working conditions and provide the necessary tools, safety equipment and protective clothing.
    • Provide sufficient training, written information and instructions to enable hazards to be avoided, emergencies to be dealt with, and work to be performed safely.
    • Establish accident and incident reporting, investigation and remedial procedures.
    • Carry out regular equipment inspection and hazard assessments and take prompt action to deal with any faults or hazards that are identified.
    • Endeavor to ensure that all contractors and other persons working commercially at the Marina hold a valid Work Permit.

    Every Company employee and Marina User accepts he has a personal responsibility to:

    • Work in accordance with recognized safe practice, manufacturers guidelines (where applicable), the Marina Rules, and any procedures issued by the Company.
    • Use appropriate safety equipment and protective clothing.
    • Report immediately to the Company any accident, incident, defective equipment and hazard and, if reasonably possible, take prompt action to mitigate any danger.
    • Assist the Company to investigate any accident or incident and make suggestions to prevent a re-occurrence.
    • Not work when under the influence of alcohol or drugs (even if medically prescribed) if the side effects may be prejudicial to safety.
    • Familiarize himself with emergency procedures and equipment.
    • In the absence of the Marina manager, the most senior employee on duty is responsible for enforcing this policy to the best of his ability. (when seniority is not clear, it shall be determined by the employees then on duty by reference to their respective lengths of employment).
    • Marina Users and employees should report any health and safety issues to the Marina manager or, in his absence, the most senior employee on duty.
    • Employees shall deal with any accident or incident in accordance with the
    • Any employee who breaches this policy may be disciplined.
    • Any contractor who breaches this policy may be ordered off the Marina and have his Work Permit revoked.
    • Any other Marina User who breaches this policy may be ordered off the Marina and, if applicable and if the breach is serious, have his License terminated.