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Immigration and Visa

The visa procedures at the airport are simple and you can contribute to achieving it smoothly by preparing in advance and verifying whether you need a visitor visa or not by inquiring from the contracting tourism company or through the Egyptian embassy in your country.

Marsa Alam Airport Immigration and Visa


The security check is an essential part of modern air travel. It’s vital to ensure everyone’s safety, but we appreciate it can be a bit time-consuming. Likewise, the customs check is an essential requirement. Here’s what you can do to help things run smoothly.

Security tips

  • Put ‘loose’ items – mobile phone, wallet, watch, keys, etc. – in your hand baggage you’ll need to place it in a separate security tray at the scan.
  • If your belt has a metal buckle, or your shoes have heels, take them off and put them in a security tray.
  • Remember each liquid can’t be more than 100ml.
  • Place liquid containers in a clear, resealable plastic bag, within your hand baggage.
  • Exemptions will be made for: medication, baby milk/foods, and special dietary requirements to be used during your trip.
  • Keep a laptop where it can be easily reached.

Hand luggage

  • Make sure you are not carrying any prohibited items as hand luggage. Revise IATA link for prohibited Items or Airline advisory.


  • Like all countries, we have rules about what you can and can’t bring with you. Everyone who arrives must pass through Marsa Alam International Airport Customs. Some items can result in fines or, in cases such as narcotic drugs, imprisonment. If you are unsure about anything, please declare your goods when you arrive.

Prohibited and restricted goods

Prohibited and restricted goods

  • Prohibited goods are any goods the import or export of which is prohibited under the provisions of the Common Customs Law or any other regulation or law applicable in the State. Whereas the restricted goods are those goods the import or export of which is restricted under the provisions of the Common Customs Law or any other regulation or law applicable in the State, and May only be released subject to the approval of the competent authority.

Some Prohibited Items:

  • All kinds of narcotic drugs (taking into account the control of prohibited items in general and narcotic substances in particular, where certain prohibited goods may be imported or exported subject to producing approvals of the competent authorities).
  • Any other goods or items, the importation of which is prohibited under the Common Customs Law or any other law or regulation applicable in the ARE.

Cash declaration procedure

  • No restriction on foreign currency carried. Amount exceeding 10,000$ must be declared or its equivalent including Bearer negotiable instruments (using-declaration Form). Egyptian Banknotes: allowed to carry a maximum amount of EGP 5,000. Foreigners: allowed to carry the remaining balance previously declared upon arrival (submission of the declaration Form).
Marsa Alam Airport Special Assistance

Special Assistance

If you or any of your family members require special assistance, including access to wheelchairs, please inform your airline in advance. Our airport staff will be there to assist as soon as your plane lands at Marsa Alam Airport or before you arrive from the hotel.