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The Dutch Geologist "Karen Van Oobstl" spent thirty years her life in the city of Marsa Alam, where she lived between the sea and the mountains. «Karen», The 62 years old lady, was one of the first, either the Egyptians or foreigners, who came to the city of Marsa Alam, Southern Red Sea, worked out as director of the center for diving and safari, and has trained dozens of Egyptians and foreigners to become of the best divers in the region.

During her work in diving Business «Karen» did not leave her field of specialization, every time she record all what she see from sea creatures and coral reefs, after then she transferred her activities to the desert and the mountains, where she formed to organize a safari company then she became an expert who knows the minutest details about the desert of Marsa Alam.
As intensity of her love and passion for the region and tribe (Ababda) She recommended to be buried in the tombs of (Ababda)at Marsa A'lam to have her soul next to the people she loved and lived with.

"Karen" passed away and was buried according to her will, Yet every person at Marsa A'lam knows about he Dutch Geologist "Karen Van Oobstl".